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At Sedg Creative, we have thrown out the fixed and usually overpriced fees of traditional agencies. Here we take into consideration the various needs of niche and independent brands.


This understanding is why we offer tailored packages according to the services and the time required per month that will work best for your strategy

(and dare we say it, budget).


However, we understand that everyone loves some stability so here goes:


Brand Development & Creative Consultancy Retainer: £950+ p/m

360 PR & Wholesale Management Retainer: £950+ p/m

Press Release Outreach & Correspondence: £670+

Wholesale Line Sheet Outreach & Correspondence: £670+

Social Media Consultancy Retainer: £480+ p/m

Digital Press Release & Look book Creation: £370+

Digital Line Sheet Creation: £370+

Hourly Consultation On Request


For all other services listed, please contact us for a tailored quote.

Key Questions to ask yourself:

​What are your expectations in a PR push; to raise media awareness or move into wholesale? Do you have a new collection to release or launch?

Like a good friend we are here to talk it out with no strings attached, offer what we hope is great advice and strategise your next move. This is the stuff we love.